Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) "Godzilla" Shirt EEIWALE Godzilla


Do you miss the early 2000s side-print? Do you miss ungodly amounts of neon that have no right to be barfed up on a t-shirt? Do you miss MySpace and calling bands like From First to Last emo? Do you like wearing shirts of bands that have broken up already and are selling merch from the grave?

WELL, HAVE WE GOT THE SHIRT FOR YOU! Designed as a complete joke by my "least favorite (former) intern" ever, Derek McNelly and inspired by a pretty damn good (former) intern Zack Parr's love for Godzilla. This monstrosity should not exist, and yet, here we are. The only thing inaccurate about this throwback is that the shirt will actually be comfortable.

Apologies on the high cost on this one, but it is 5 COLORS, so these puppies cost a lot more to make. Please note this a mock-up and the final version might vary a little.

Pressing Information

Import information: This is most likely a one-time printing, so order it now or forever scour eBay for it. We are pretty much ordering whatever number the pre-orders bring in, plus a few to have on hand. Don't count on those sticking around!