Expert Timing "Live in Stereo" Cassette CYLS 121


Live in Stereo by Expert TimingIt's 2021 and we are still in the middle (?) of a global pandemic. Shows seem like a relic of the past. Hopefully we aren't too far off from having them again, but right now it's still a 50/50 shot at anything this year.

That's why it feels like a breath of fresh air to get a live EP from Orlando, Florida's favorite power pop trio. Tracks 1-4 recorded live at Shards in Bethlehem, PA in May of 2019. Songs include selections from their debut LP 'Glare' and EP 'Selective Hearing'. The EP closes with a cover track "Wait, Wait, Wait" from The Format.

Tracks 1 - 4 recorded live, mixed and mastered by Matt Molchany at Shards in Bethlehem, PA and track 5 mastered by Frank Calcaterra.

NOW ON CASSETTE, BABY! Available in pink!


  1. Cement (Live at Shards)
  2. Never See Me Again (Live at Shards)
  3. Classic Case of Narcissism (Live at Shards)
  4. Sleep (Live at Shards)
  5. Wait, Wait, Wait (The Format Cover)
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