Drunk Uncle "Look Up" 12" Vinyl/Digital/Enamel Pin CYLS 120


The forceful debut LP from Drunk Uncle is finally here!

Drunk Uncle's debut album "Look Up" draws on catharsis. Picture yourself in a grimy basement surrounded by your best friends, watching a band as music washes over you and you feel like everything is in the right place. You smile as frantic guitars fill the room and gruff vocals push out every emotion you could possibly feel. Drums and bass slow down and speed back up as the music moves from anger to regret to hope. You feel it all- every note, every hit, every strain. It feels good to feel.

You open your eyes and you are in your room alone. You flip the record back over and you are back in the basement. All is right.

Available on Black or Pour One Out vinyl, comes with download. Enamel pin(s) come with pinback card.


  1. Tiny Sounds
  2. Depakote
  3. It s Everything
  4. Get to the Moon
  5. Blue Skies
  6. The Sounds Coming Out of My Mouth
  7. Punch
  8. Morning Shower
  9. Bright Specks
  10. The Definition of Weeds
  11. Look Up
Pressing Information

210 Black
418 Clear Skies (Record Store Exclusive)
510 Pour One Out