It Only Ends Once- "lose you"- Cassette/Digital CYLS 124


Houston's own It Only Ends Once is the new project from Brendan S. of Overo and Perfect Future. Etherial guitars and blast beats mark the post-black emotional hardcore of the band's full length, "Lose You." In this project, he pursues deeply personal topics through melodies that are both more heavy and melodic, more depressing and uplifting. "Lose You," the band's third record, offers a more streamlined approach to song-writing while still maintaining reverb-drenched instrumentals, tremolo guitars, a steady rhythm section, and despairing screams.

Co-release with Knifepunch Records, comes with instant download.

Art may vary from mock-ups.


  1. bury me where it snows
  2. supernova
  3. nothing left
  4. ear fire flickering in the sky
  5. not worth saving
  6. loss of light
  7. the only thing more terrifying
  8. static
Pressing Information

50 Black (CYLS Exclusive)
50 Gray (Knifepunch Records Exclusive)