Camp Trash "The Long Way, The Slow Way" Vinyl + "TLWTSW" Shirt Bundle CT-TLWTSL Vinyl TLWTSW


You look like a smart person- that's why you're here. So you're gonna save some money by bundling the new Camp Trash LP "The Long Way, The Slow Way" on vinyl and the TLWTSW shirt. So grab the bundle of your choice below and admire your handywork. Great job.

**Mock ups may vary from final product. SHIPPING: if you pre-ordered this and you don't have it yet, hang tight. We are furiously packing them and shipping them every day.


  1. Mind Yr Own
  2. Pursuit
  3. Weird Florida
  4. Another Harsh Toyotathon
  5. Enough Explaining
  6. Poured Out
  7. Lake Erie Boys
  8. Let It Ride
  9. Soft
  10. Church Bells
  11. Riley
  12. Feel Something