Colleen Dow "Inside Voices" Cassette CYLS 129


Fresh off the heels of dropping 5 singles, Colleen Dow continues their blitzkrieg of releases. This one comes to us as set of 5 new songs, each one perfecting and building off the foundations the singles laid down this past year. Confessional lyrics and emotive vocals plead over whirling synths, guitars, and drum machines. We're watching the evolution of something pretty special here- and this time we don't have to content ourselves with just one song new every six weeks.

Comes with digital download, choose from green tint with gold ink or yellow tint with black ink.

**Mock up may vary from final product


  1. Bummer Summer
  2. Childhood Home
  3. Radiator
  4. Redline
  5. Lil Kid
Pressing Information

100 Green Tint with Gold Ink
100 Yellow Tint with Black Ink