Penfold "Amateurs & Professionals" 12" Vinyl CYLS 035


Penfold's debut EP/LP, back on vinyl after a very long absence. Includes bonus track, Micropchip. Limited stock available for now.

Note: The vinyl is an A-Side/B-Side and the color combination (Blue Jay and Electric Blue) kinda morphed into one blue color. Sometimes that happens!

**Product may vary from mock**


  1. June
  2. M
  3. I'll Take You Everywhere
  4. Tuesday
  5. Traveling Theory
  6. Breathing Lessons
  7. Amateur Standing
  8. Microchip
Pressing Information

First Pressing:
100 Black
400 Ultra Clear

Second Pressing:
150 Milky Clear
350 Olive Green

Third Pressing:
600 Blue Jay/Electric Blue A-Side/B-Side