Kittyhawk "Mikey's Favorite Songs"

2/26/2021 · CYLS 105


Pressing Info:
75 Blue Tint
75 Gold

Physical: Cassette
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Track Listing:

A1. The First One
A2. Older/Wiser
A3. Science Fiction
A4. He Travels in a Suit
A5. Partial Paradigm
A6. Silver Bells
B1. The Green
B2. The Rot
B3. The Red
B4. The Daily Dodger
B5. Food Fight
B6. Soft Serve
B7. You Keep Me Hanging On

1. The First One
2. Older/Wiser
3. Science Fiction
4. He Travels in a Suit
5. Partial Paradigm
6. Silver Bells
7. The Green
8. The Rot
9. The Red
10. The Daily Dodger
11. Food Fight
12. Soft Serve
13. You Keep Me Hanging On