Long Knives "The Subject" is our secret release! Happy Long Knives release day + bundles + restocks!

Posted on June 19th, 2020

Happy secret release day! Today we get to reveal to you that our secret release is the final Long Knives LP "The Subject" on cassette.

Long Knives may have broken up earlier this year, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate their final release any less. If anything, it just makes us happy that we got to have a hand in at all. CYLS historians will note we released their first EP before the label took a bit of a backseat in our lives. In the interim of us leaving and coming back, Long Knives self-released this album. So it felt right to be able to circle back to this.

Long Knives took about 4 years to complete and became a labor of love. Lead singer/guitarist Kris Moya remarked, "It emotionally and mentally drained me. There were times I wanted to scratch the whole thing because I wasn’t happy with it, but I’m really glad I stuck it out because we are proud of the songs. During the writing process, I made myself vulnerable because I wanted to raise awareness about mental illness, gender dysphoria, homophobia, white privilege, abuse, and consent. I know that these things can be triggering to others and it certainly is for me as well, but I want my voice to be heard so thank you to those that actually listen to this album. It truly means a lot."

You can pick up "The Subject" on silver or smokey cassette in our store. We also put together a stupid mega-deal for their entire discography for just $16 or their entire discography and a shirt for only $25.

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We also have restocks for the following albums:

- empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) "What It Takes to Move Forward" 2xLP vinyl and CD
- Empire! Empire! "You Will Eventually Be Forgotten" CD and Stiff Slack Japanese Import CD with bonus tracks
- football, etc. "Audbile" CD
- Joie De Vivre "The North End" CD
- Joie De Vivre "Summer Months" LP vinyl
- Joie De Vivre "We're All Better Than This" CD
- Mountains for Clouds "Some People Buy Scenery Like This" CD
- The Reptilian "Boys' Life" CD
- Snowing Waterslide Records Japanese Import CD- discography

Some of these things are very limited, so get them while you can! Everything is up in our store now: http://countyourluckystars.limitedrun.com/categories/all