Count Your Lucky Stars signs Parting (Empire! Empire!, Annabel, Dowsing, Hawk & Son)

Posted on April 21st, 2021

We are excited to announce the addition to Parting to our roster!

Parting is an 'emo revivalist' supergroup consisting of Keith Latinen (Empire! Empire!), Ben Hendricks (Annabel), Gooey Fame (ex-Dowsing), and John Guynn (Hawk & Son). Anchored by the signature voices of Latinen and Hendricks playing off one another, Parting is the perfect combination of their past bands- upbeat, melodic, and driving. Think Knapsack meets The Get Up Kids.

We will be releasing their debut EP/LP, "Unmake Me" on 6/4. You can take a gander at the album art and track listing here. Next Tuesday, you can hear the first song off the album and pre-order it on vinyl, cassette, and digitally. There will be some other fun items to order too!

In the meantime, watch this lil' teaser video to get excited: