Bandcamp Friday is back! We've got 5 releases for just $5 a pop! Digital is pay what you want!

Posted on February 2nd, 2024

Happy first Bandcamp Friday of the year! Last year we went slowly through nearly every single LP in our discography, so now we are on to 7" vinyl records. These puppies are such fun formats and if you haven't gotten into them, this is the perfect way to start your collection. If you are already a vinyl veteran, why not fill in some gaps? We've also made all digital name your price, including the Be Safe album we dropped last month. Take a look at what we've got, there are so many choices. And for that price, you can't go wrong. But Bandcamp Friday is only on Friday, so you already have less than 24 hours to get on this deal train. Choo choo!

For the February Bandcamp Friday, we are featuring:

- CYLS Split Series #2: The second split in the series features four exclusive tracks from Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), Mountains for Clouds, Two Knights, and Driving on City Sidewalks. If you are already a fan, find a song you might not have heard. If you aren't a fan, here is your chance to hear some tracks that are new to you.

- Dowsing "All I Could Find Was You": If you don't know Dowsing by now, well... actually if you don't know Dowsing, this EP is the best place to start! It's their first LP, full of indie-rock pop goodness. Bouncy, fun, upbeat. A classic. FFO: The Weakerthans

- The Great Albatross "Roots"- A. Wesley Chung is one of our favorite songwriters of all time. He fronted a band called Boris Smile (OG CYLS band) and has a solo project now akin to acts like Iron and Wine, Pedro the Lion, etc. This band lies smack in-between those projects, but is every bit as good. Set the mood right with this one.

- Rika "Tired Hands": Rika hail from Austria and are easily on the country's best kept secrets. Following up their LP "How to Draw a River, Step by Step", this EP features songs that would make Death Cab for Cutie proud. Delicate indie rock that is perfect for winter

- Warren Franklin and the Founding Fathers "Every Letter & Souvenir": Warren knows how to write a damn good indie-pop song. This EP has songs that will enter your head and stay around for days and days and days. In a good way! Put a smile on your face and get this record.