Empire! Empire!- What It Takes- $10 on vinyl!

Posted on August 9th, 2016

Hello! We have a bit of an oddity that we've found while cleaning up. We had a bunch of jackets left over jackets from the 2009 pressing of Empire! Empire!'s What It Takes to Move Forward, as well as extra records from the repress of the new What It Takes record. So, we threw them all together so they wouldn't go to waste and put them up for sale on the Count Your Lucky Stars Records store. FOR ONLY 10 FRIGGIN' BUCKS. That's a 2xLP for 10 bucks, people.

To recap, for $10 you get the repress of What It Takes with all bonus tracks, etc, inside the jacket of the OG pressing. The one catch is the track list doesn't line up. There is a very small amount of these, so if you want one- act fast: