The Cardboard Swords in Europe!

Posted on September 1st, 2016

Europe, get ready to see The Cardboard Swords veryyyyyy soon. Dates as follows:

29.09 – Berlin @ TBA

30.09 – Hamburg @ Fahrhaus

01.10 – Munster @ Baracke

02.10 – Lille @ TBA

03.10 – Brighton @ Sticky Mike’s

05.10 – Glasgow @ Bloc

06.10 – Dundee @ Conroy’s Basement

07.10 – Leeds @ Santiago’s

08.10 – Bristol @ 123space

09.10 – Portsmouth @ The Festing

10.10 – London @ Old Blue Last

11.10 – Diest @ JH Tjil

12.10 – Koln @ Limes

13.10 – Frankfurt @ Klapperfeld

14.10 – Luzern @ Treibhaus

15.10 – Freiburg @ KTS

World, go get their album or pretty much anything in our store for 20% off right now:

Back to School sale! 20% off for a whole week!

Posted on August 30th, 2016

It's time to go back to school! Let's celebrate! Get 20% EVERYTHING but specials until midnight of September 5th. That's a whole week to save! A whole week to realize how friggin' fast summer went by and to DESPAIR AT THE DARKNESS THAT LIFE IS SHORT AND TIME MOVES US EVER CLOSER TO THAT INEVITABLE DOOM THAT IS DEATH. So you might as well buy some stuff from us. Live fast, die hard, buy cool stuff.

One week to save. ONE WEEK. But hey, you don't need a discount code, so that's neat.

Football, etc. Bundle Week!

Posted on August 23rd, 2016

New week, new CYLS Weekly Super Sale! This week, we have two football, etc. bundles, each for just $10.

Bundle 1 includes Audible on LP and Disappear on 7".

Bundle 2 includes Audible on CD and the Foxball shirt.

Find both bundles here and other Football, etc. sales here:

While you are at it, pick up "The Draft" LP, the S/T 7", Plaids (band) split, and Lindsay Minton "Past is Prelude", as all are in very limited stock and will not be repressed ever!

Sale ends next Monday on August 29th at midnight EST.

Get both Calculator CYLS releases for $10 this week!

Posted on August 16th, 2016

Time for the new CYLS Weekly Super Sale! This one is a doozy! Get both CYLS Calculator releases for just $10! Bundle includes "This Will Come to Pass" and "CALC" 7". Both releases are also free on Bandcamp. But hurry, this deal only lasts a week!





Empire! Empire!- What It Takes- $10 on vinyl!

Posted on August 9th, 2016

Hello! We have a bit of an oddity that we've found while cleaning up. We had a bunch of jackets left over jackets from the 2009 pressing of Empire! Empire!'s What It Takes to Move Forward, as well as extra records from the repress of the new What It Takes record. So, we threw them all together so they wouldn't go to waste and put them up for sale on the Count Your Lucky Stars Records store. FOR ONLY 10 FRIGGIN' BUCKS. That's a 2xLP for 10 bucks, people.

To recap, for $10 you get the repress of What It Takes with all bonus tracks, etc, inside the jacket of the OG pressing. The one catch is the track list doesn't line up. There is a very small amount of these, so if you want one- act fast: